Teun Verbruggen
(April 1975)

Teun first picked up the drums by the age of eight. After two summer courses with drummer Dre Pallemaerts he went to the Conservatory of Brussels where he was taught by Hans Van Oosterhout. Since graduating from this school in 1999, he became a very demanded musical ‘mercenary’. His search for a personal touch and wanting to explore all possibilities of playing drums, his lack of boundaries and trying to find fresh sounds in collective improvisation made him work with countless bands and musicians. As initiator and motor of his own bands, he is on a constant search of interesting band settings and musical output.

With Bruno Vansina he founded the label Rat Records in 2003 and together with his partner Lien Van Steendam he runs the artist workplace Werkplaats Walter since 2016.


The Jazz Hoeilaart first Prize with Alexi Tuomarila

Tremplin jazz 1st Prize with Alexi Tuomarila
Nominated with the Harmen Fraanje Trio in Dutch Jazz competition.

Tremplin jazz 1st Prize with Pascal Schumacher
The Klara Muziekprijs with Jef Neve for their record” it’s gone”

Teun was nominated in category best musician for the national Belgian “Zamu-awards”
First Prize of the Granada Jazz competition with the Alexi Tuomarila 4tet

Tremplin Jazz first Price with The Christian Mendoza Band

The Jazzmozaïek Award given to musicians who get noticed for expansion, rejuvenation and renewal of jazz music


“Alexi Tuomarila has a strong rhythmical scene. You can hear sentences with a beginning and an end, punctuated by rhythmic accents that pull on Teun Verbruggen’s great groove.”
Brad Mehldau liner notes on the 02 album of Alexi Tuomarila

“Neve's originals are like musical journeys; you start off here and end up half a mile away over there. His trio (comprising Piet Verbist on bass and Teun Verbruggen on drums) shape and shade the music with powerful rhythms.”
Stuart Nicholson - The Observer

“Teun Verbruggen deserves special mention for his wide ranging abilities, even if he does copy mercilessly from New York Drummer Jim Black on Uri Caine’s Snaggletooth”
John Corbett – Downbeat Magazine

“…Verbruggen , with ‘v’ for versatile. Most boundaries mean nothing to him, he’s constantly in search of new or different ways to approach the drums and as a child of his times, he’s wide open for a wide range of styles.”
Jazz Middelheim 25th Jubilee edition

“Psychoscout is a great album : “Hard Boiled Cool meets Texas Avery”. A lot of great solo’s but especially: the Virtuoso Teun Verbruggen, who proves in less than seven minutes that he’s able to do anything.”
www.goddeau.com - Guy Peeters

“The Jef Neve trio has an extraordinary high level of interaction and playing. Teun Verbruggen has a very big role in this interaction, plays in a very inviting way and has a very high level approach to the drums”

“Flanders’ own Chris Corsano (Bjork’s drummer, known for his very innovative style, ed.) is named Teun Verbruggen. He keeps on surprising with his very fresh and innovating drumming”

RAT Records

Teun has his own record label that releases innovative music.



Warped Dreamer
The Bureau Of Atomic Tourism
Chasing Penguins
Chaos Of The Haunted Spire
Othin Spake
The Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan
Blind Io
Cram Ration
Duo à L'encre
Teun Verbruggen/Nathan Wouters/John Ruocco/Nicola Andrioli


Bruno Vansina projects
Flat Earth Society
Serge Lazarevitch/Nic Thys/Teun Verbruggen/Ben Sluys
Small World
Frank Vaganée/Sam Gerstmans/Teun Verbruggen
Northern Escorts
Orchestra Nationale De la Luna


Pascal Shumacher 4tet
Christian Mendoza Band
Jef Neve trio
Igor Géhenot trio
Too Noisy Fish
Nozzle Slag
Toots Tielemans band
Melanie De Biasio band
Le Sence Du Désordre
Sam Vloemans 4tet
Harmen Fraanje trio
Alexi Tuomarila trio
Keenroh XL



Othin Spake: The Ankh (Rat Records 2006)
Othin Spake: Child of Deception and Skill (Rat Records 2008)
Othin Spake: Part of Soundtrack Linkeroever (Caviar Films 2008
Othin Spake: Live at Archiduc (Rat Records 2008)
Othin Spake: Music In The Margin Vol 2 (Sub Rosa 2010)
Othin Spake: The Nethack Dictionary (Sub Rosa 2011)
The Bureau of Atomic Tourism: Second Law of Thermodynamics (Rat records 2011)
The Bureau of Atomic Tourism: Scyntigraphy (Rat records 2011)
The Bureau of Atomic Tourism: Arco Idaho (Rat records 2011)
Chaos Of The Haunted Spire: Book 1 (Rat Records 2011)
Chaos of The Haunted Spire: Live at trix (Rat Records 2014)
Teun Verbruggen/Arve Henriksen: Black Swan (Rat Records 2014)
Teun Verbruggen/Marc Ducret/Nate Wooley: The Evil Art Contest (Rat Records 2014)
The Bureau of Atomic Tourism: Spinning Jenny (Rat Records 2014)
Teun Verbruggen/Trevor Dunn: Department of Entomology (Rat Records 2014)
Chaos Of The Haunted Spire: live at Het Bos (Rat Records 2015)
The Bureau Of Atomic Tourism: Hapax Legomena (Rat Records 2015)
Chaos Of The Haunted Spire: Retail Jedi (Off 2016)
Serge Lazarevitch/Nicolas Thys/Teun Verbruggen: Free Three (Igloo 2016)
Warped Dreamer: Lomahongva (Rat Records 2016)
Keiji Haino/Jozef Dumoulin/Teun Verbruggen: The Miracles of Only One Thing (Sub Rosa 2016)
Orchestra Natizionale Della Luna : Ajmilive, vol. 23 (Ajmilive 2017)
Teun Verbruggen/Nate Wooley/Jozef Dumoulin/Ingebrigt Haker Flaten: Walters First (Rat Records 2018)
Northern Escorts: Impeccable Class (Rat Records 2018)
Chaos of The Haunted Spire: Live @ Walter (Rat Records 2018)
Chasing Penguins: Chasing Penguins (Rat records 2019)
The Bureau of Atomic Tourism: Eden (Rat records 2019)
Buurman : Buurman (Rat Records, 2020)
Warped Dreamer: Live at Bimhuis (Consouling Sounds 2021)
Cram Ration: Cram Ration (RAT records 2021)
The Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan: The Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan (RAT records 2021)
Teun Verbruggen - Stian Westerhus duo: Earthbound Monochrome (RAT Records, May 2023)
Werkplaats Walter: In De Buik Van een Stad (RAT Records, July 2023)
Wooley-Dumoulin-Flaten-Verbruggen: Kami (Rat Records, September 2023)
Warped Dreamer: Live at Moers (Rat records, Oktober 2023)


Mind The Gap: This Train was Build for Speed (Demotape 1992)
Shemozzle: Act 1 (Demotape, 1994)
Shemozzle: Damn you Insationable Creeps (Demotape, 1995)
Shemozzle: Young Gudz Vol 1 (EMI, 1996)
Frenzy The Fungus: Hair Shouldn't Fall Out (Demotape, 1996)
Christian Merveille: Même Droits (Comm Française, 1999)
Alexi Tuomarila 4tet: Voices of Pohjola (Igloo 2001)
Théatre Mâat: Eclipse (Théatre Maat 2001)
Jambangle: Trinity Song (BRM 2002)
Alexi Tuomarila 4tet: 02 (Warner 2003)
Flat Earth Society: Armstrong Mutations (Zonk 2003)
Jef Neve trio: Blue Saga (Contour Records 2003)
Kees Meerman: Mens Te Koop (2003)
Pascal Shumacher 4tet: Change of The Moon (Igloo 2004)
Tom Wolf: Badlands (Handelsbeurs 2004)
Pieter Embrechts: Maanzin (Roo Koo Records 2004)
Flat Earth Society: Heliogabal (Radio Klara 2004)
Jojoba: Jojoba (AZ Productions 2004)
VVG trio: Trio Music (Rat Records 2004)
Jef Neve trio: It’s Gone (Contour Records 2004)
Flat Earth Society: FES-Isms (Ipecac 2004)
Monsoon: Speak (Depot 2014, 2004)
Quatre: Submarine (Jati, 2005)
Pascal Schumacher 4tet: Personal Legend (Igloo 2005)
Monsoon: The weird Zoo (Depot 2014, 2005)
VVG trio: In Orbit (Rat Records, 2006)
Flat Earth Society: Psychoscout (Crammed Discs 2006)
Jef Neve trio: Nobody Is Illegal (Universal 2006)
Rackham: Juanita K (Rat Records 2006)
Quatre: K.Fée Live (2006)
Mélanie De Biasio: A Stomach Is Burning (Igloo 2007)
VVG trio: Tokyo Quantize (Rat Records 2007)
Jef Neve trio: Dagen zonder Lief Soundtrack (Caviar Films 2007)
PVTV: Wingchester (Stilll 2007)
Jef Neve trio: Soul in a Picture (Universal 2008)
Alexi Tuomarila 4tet: Runo X (Edita Cambaja 2008)
Flat Earth Society: Answer Songs (Zonk 2009)
Flat Earth Society: The Oysterprincess (Bonk 2009)
Stahlmus Delegation: Untitled (2009)
Bruno Vansina: Demons Of Shame (Rat Records 2009)
Flat Earth Society: Cheer Me Perverts (Crammed Discs 2009)
Erwin Vann group: Soundtrack Dirty Mind (Caviar Films, 2009)
Jef Neve trio: Imaginary Road (Universal Music 2010)
Caca: Sketches of Pain (OFF 2010)
Quatre: May (Mognomusic 2011)
Christian Mendoza Group: Arbr- En-Ciel (W.E.R.F. 2011)
Too Noisy Fish: Fast Easy Sick (Rat Records 2011)
Mathilde Renault: Cameleon Boat (Igloo 2011)
Igor Géhenot Trio: Road Story (Igloo 2012)
Stahlmus Delegation: Shipwreck (Noad, 2011)
Jean D.L, Mathieu Calleja, Teun Verbruggen: Without Mauro (2012)
Bruno Vansina Quartet (featuring Steve Nelson): Stratocluster (W.E.R.F. 2012)
Jef Neve: Sons of the new World (Universal 2012)
Flat Earth Society: 13 (Igloo 2013)
Too Noisy Fish: Fight Eat Sleep (Rat Records 2013)
Phil Minton/Audrey Chen/Teun Verbruggen/Peter Jaquemyn: Laboratoire Central (Sub Rosa 2013)
Noriaki Hosoya: Eye Of The Day (Uplift Jazz Record, 2013)
Pierre De Surgères trio: Krysis (Arpeggio 2013)
Vansina Orchestra: Morning Forest (Rat Records 2014)
Flat Earth Society: Call Sheets, Riders & Chicken Mushroom (Igloo 2014)
Flat Earth Society: FES X LS (Igloo Records 2014)
Flat Earth Society: Boot & Berg (Igloo 2014)
Igor Géhenot Trio: Motion (Igloo 2014)
Stahlmus Delegation: When Stoke Stokes (Rat Records 2014)
Teun Verbruggen/Dirk Serries: Art Of Cosmic Musings (Tonefloat 2014)
Drifter: Flow (Edition Records 2015)
Keenroh XL: Keenroh XL (el Negocito Records 2015)
VVG Trio: St Cecilia (Rat Records 2015)
VVG Trio: St Cecilia (ORT, 2015)
Dikeman/Serries/Verbruggen: A new wave of Jazz (Tonefloat 2015)
Flat Earth Society: Terms of Embarrassment (Igloo 2016)
Fabrizio Graceffa: U-Turn (Challenge Records 2016)
Piepkes Deluxe: Coté Koer1 (2016)
Chaos of the Haunted Spire: Drones & Geometrix (Mnoad 2016)
Pierre Vervloesem: Live at Pelzer Jazz House (OFF, 2016)
Bernard l’Hoir: She’s (Homerecords 2016)
Orchestra Nazionale della Luna: Orchestra Nazionale della Luna (Jackal Productions 2017)
Knetterende Schedels: 2016-2017
Nortnern Escorts: Impeccable Class (Rat Records 2017)
Flat Earth Sociey: Boggamasta (Igloo 2017)
Flat Earth Society: SS Belgenland (Bonk 2017)
Pierre de Surgères trio: ZED (Arpeggio 2017)
Elodie Pasquier: Mona (Le Laborie Jazz 2017)
Small World: Live at Bird’s Eye (Soulfactory Records 2018)
Flat Earth Society: Untitled #0 (Igloo 2018)
Pieter-Jan De Smet: Siren (2018)
Too Noisy Fish: Furious Empathic Silence (Igloo 2019)
Roland Van Campenhout: Folksongs from a non-existing land (2019)
Omun: Tribute to The Fall (NaiNoProd 2019)
Bruno Vansina: 12/12 (Rat Records, 2020)
Orchestra Nationale Dellaluna: There's Still Life On Earth (BMC records, 2020)
Serge Lazarevitch-Ben Sluijs-Teun Verbruggen: Still Three, Still Free (Rat Records, 2020)
Pierre Vervloesem Flambant Neuf (Off 2021)
Machinefabriek: With Drums (Machinefabriek, March 2021)
Todd Clouser: Live, Loft, Köln (april 2021, bandcamp)
Flat Earth Society: Boggamasta III (Igloo 2021)
Pierre Vervloesem : Young Talents (Off, Nov 2021)
Bruno Vansina: St Cecilia (Bandcamp, Aug 2021)
Bruno Vansina: Stratoduster (Bandcamp, Nov 2021)
Bruno Vansina trio: A NY Recording (Bandcamp, Nov 2021)
Bruno Vansina: 1212 Outdoor (Bandcamp, Dec 2021)
Bruno Vansina: 1212 Indoor (Bandcamp, Dec 2021)
Ruben Block EP: Turn The Tide (Pias, Feb 2022)
Kobe Van Cauenberghe: Ghost Trance Septet plays Anthony Braxton (ENr, June 2022)
Flat Earth Society: RIP (Igloo, November 2022)
PJDS: Extinct Birds (Beuzak, January 2023)
Too Noisy Fish: Too Many Fish (Mighty Quinn Records, April 2023)
PVTV: Chixculub (PV Bandcamp, April 2023)
Vaganée - Gerstmans - Verbruggen: Black Diamond (Rat Records, September 2023)
Pierre Vervloesem: Hit Me
Pierre Vervloesem: Saucers
Pierre Vervloesem: Graviton
Dirk Serries, Impetus Group: Density Dots (Klanggalerie 2023)